Visionscope imaging

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Miniaturized without compromise. State-of-the-art video hardware, micro-optics and advanced computational software are uniquely integrated to put arthroscopic imaging in the palm of surgeons' hands – right in the office exam room. Intuitive to use, VisionScope® Technologies's 1.4mm-diameter endoscopic system produces high-definition, diagnostic-quality images, bringing joint condition and pathology to life in real time.

It's a small scope that makes a big impact on patient care.

VisionScope® is a minimally-invasive, arthroscopic imaging technology that allows physicians to clearly view and evaluate joint condition right in the office. The procedure takes no more than 10 minutes, real-time results are discussed and the best course-of-action can be planned and scheduled – as part of the first visit. In-office diagnosis can eliminate additional procedures, such as MRI or surgery, thereby reducing multiple medical appointments that can interfere with work, life and family. Most importantly, the healing process can be immediately set in motion.