Research Study Comparisons of and EmCyte PurePRP® II 2015, Harvest/Terumo APC60,/Clear PRP, and Arthrex Angel PRP Products.


There is market pressure for a PRP product with reduced red blood cell contamination, especially in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures and in sports medicine to reduce potential complications in joint treatment. Reduced granulocyte levels may also be desirable. While granulocytes are helpful in wound debridement and preventing infection, high granulocyte levels may be inflammatory. This study evaluated the PRP products from three platforms: PurePRP® II 2015 (EmCyte Corporation), Clear PRP (Harvest/Terumo bct) and Angel system (Arthrex). PurePRP® II 2015 and Clear PRP are red cell reduction methods while Angel has a programmable setting to control RBC level in the product. The study is a paired sample design, with each donor tested on all three platforms. 

Case Studies

Case Study: Bone marrow aspirate concentrates produced with the EmCyte GSBMA- 544E system and the Harvest/Terumo BMAC2 system

Data of processing: 14 May 2015

Date of Testing: 15 May 2015

Objective: to compare bone marrow concentrates produced with two commercial systems, the EmCyte GSBMA-544E and the Harvest/Terumo BMAC2.

Approximately 120mL of bone marrow aspirate was drawn from each of two donors prior to surgical procedure. For each donor, 50 mL of aspirate plus 5mL of Na Heparin (1000 U/mL) and 5mL of NaCitrate was processed with the EmCyte system according to manufacturer’s instructions for use. For each donor, 60mL of aspirate was added to the Harvest MarrowPREP Filter Bag along with 8mL of Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose formula A and processed with the Harvest/Terumo SmartPREP 2 system according to manufacturer’s instructions for use. One mL samples of bone marrow concentrates aspirates were sent to the Testing Laboratory for the following analysis: Total Nucleated Cell Counts (TNC): determined with a Coulter AcT Diff2 hematology analyzer. Platelet Counts (PLT): determined with the Coulter analyzer CD34 Pos. Cells: CD34 Positive cells were measured using an Accuri C6 flow cytometer.