Automation & Universal​

The Executive Series Centrifuge II is fully automated. Including automated lock and release which guarantees processing safety.  Digital controls allow for precise settings and quick adjustments. Pre-programming features simplifies operation however with variability one centrifuge is all you need for all your clinical needs. Easy changability from RPM to G-force and time frame interchangability your autologous therapies are crafted based on your practice and usage.

​Improved bucket and rotor technology

"A centrifuge is only as good as its bucket and rotor system".  The New Executive Series Centrifuge II has a re-designed centrifuge bucket created to complement the EmCyte Concentrating Devices. Engineered with durable nylon materials that's lightweight and chemical resistant. The GenesisCS Concentrating Devices are contoured to perfection, preventing resuspension caused by agitation or deceleration shifting. The buckets are included with aerosol containing caps which eliminate the atomizing of cells from shear forces during centrifugation. The impressive and durable rotors are engineered on a self balancing shaft that adjusts to minor changes which may occur during processing. The bucket and rotor system, together, orchestrate a flawless movement of horizontal swing for perfected vertical separation optimizing platelet and bone marrow concentrations.

Technology that can't be beat

The New Executive Series Centrifuge  II (ESC II) has the most advanced technology setting it apart from all predecessors. With a new elegant design, the ESC II is crafted to perfection and universability while maintaining its affordable cost. Redesigned lighter buckets with aerosol containing caps enhancing safety and optimizes separation process during centrifugation. Increased power reduces overall time for processing by 2 minutes and a more smooth optimal breaking system for a more concentrated sample. Performance outcomes beats the competition. More than 15% lighter than the Elite Series Centrifuge, mobility and usage is optimized with smaller, lighter, quieter, and improved enginering! Durable to last and universally designed so you can use for various clinical purposes.

Product features

Executive Series Centrifuge II

Increased power & lighter buckets, improved separation in shorter time. Offers the ability to change from RPM to G-force for universal use
Durable and elegant design built to last and offer effective results Lightweight and compact, compared to other models.

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The most Advanced Centrifuge available