Protocol A

Protocol A processes Pure PRP® without red blood cells or neutrophil granulocytes.  This protocol is used when powerful healing without inflammatory activity is required at the application site.  This protocol is also the low viscosity solution to a viable PRP product, providing very high concentrations of platelets in a bath of non-viscous plasma.  This protocol has also been reported to reduce the potential for pain at the application site.  It is the most frequently used protocol.

Protocol B

Protocol B processes Pure PRP® with low red blood cell counts and very high cytokine activity and neutrophil cell recoveries.   This protocol is used when the phagocytic powers of neutrophils are needed to help fight infectious processes at the application site.  This protocol produces the highest chemoattractant activity and significantly increases regeneration potential.  Once the neutrophils have completed phagocytosis, they become apoptic cells and are subsequently removed, thereby also eliminating the inflammatory activity.  

GS30 Pure II ​Pure Platelet Concentrating System 30mL

GS60 Pure II - Pure Platelet Concentrating System 60mL

GS120 Pure II - Pure Platelet Concentrating System 120mL

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No Red Blood Cells (RBCs)
Red blood cells, which increases PRP viscosity, may cause more pain during injection & show no therapeutic benefit in regeneration. With Pure PRP® these undesired effects are eliminated. It is the purest sample of platelet rich plasma available at the point of care.

The neutrophil is the most abundant leukocyte in the blood. One of the first lines of immune defense, neutrophils harbor a mix of weaponry to fight off bacteria and fungi.The surface receptors on neutrophils stimulate pro-inflammatory interleukins through chemotaxis.This process causes neutrophils to migrate and populate sites of inflammation. This phenomena is undesirable for many physicians providing injection therapy. For patients experiencing joint pain or injury, treatment protocols usually focus on minimizing inflammation as part of a complete recovery regimen. Pure PRP® is the only PRP that provides significant growth factor concentrations without the inflammatory neutrophils.

Pure PRP® is the only Platelet Rich Plasma system that gives you the choice of flexibility; to process with or without neutrophils & RBCs. From a 60mL sample of anticoagulated whole blood you can obtain a highly concentrated 6mL of PRP. With the Pure PRP® system physicians can offer true growth factor concentrates in a medium that is suitable for repair.

Genesis CS Pure PRP

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