Marrow cellution

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It is a well established scientific fact that the highest quality and quantity of stem/progenitor cells are from the first 1-2 mL of bone marrow aspirate taken.  For more information, please click the buttons below.

  • NO centrifuge needed

  • Marrow aspirate of stem cells and CFU's comparable or exceed the leading concentration systems in the marketplace

  • As little as 6-10 cc's of BMA required

  • All the components required in one simple kit

​The patent pending MARROW CELLUTION™ Bone Marrow Harvesting System overcomes the limitations of a traditional bone marrow needle by allowing the user to aspirate in a measured and controlled manner over a large geography inside the marrow space, while restricting peripheral blood infiltration.  The result is a bone marrow harvest that is so rich in key stem and progenitor cells that the aspirate no longer has to be manipulated through centrifugation prior to application.