OrthoFlo Sport more information

OrthoFlo is a unique human tissue allograft used in Amniotic Fluid therapy that is derived from amniotic fluid.  Amniotic fluid is the liquid contained within the amniotic sac during pregnancy,  which protects, cushions, and enhances the mobility of the fetus. Key elements of  amniotic fluid include growth factors, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, electrolytes,  and hyaluronic acid. OrthoFlo is provided lyophilized for easy regenerative medicine therapy implementation.

OrthoFlo contains regulatory proteins,  growth factors, cytokines, and  chemokines that are naturally occurring  in the fluid surrounding many joints and is critical in having a viable amniotic fluid allograft.

Orthoflo sport - An Amniotic Fluid Allograft

product description

  • Available in four configurations:
    •LQ-0050 (0.5 mL)
    •LQ-0100 (1 mL)
    •LQ-0200 (2 mL)
    •LQ-0400 (4mL)
  • No preparation required – 1:1 dilution with saline
  • Donated by consenting mothers delivering healthy  babies by scheduled Cesarean section
  • Lyophilized OrthoFlo will retain the critical properties of amniotic fluid
    • •Preserve protein content
      •Terminally sterilized
      •Storage at ambient conditions

  • Ongoing Studies:
    • Tissue characterization
      • Protein, HA, and growth factor content
      • Update competitive marketing materials for Lyophilized
  • Cellular responses
    • Proliferation, migration, and HA production

•Protect & cushion

•Provide lubrication for enhanced  mobility

•Reduce inflammation​

•Modulate inflammation

•Reduce scar tissue formation

•Act as a barrier membrane

•Enhance healing