Closed System Processing

GenesisCS systems are a closed system processing which maximizes the safety and ensures sterility throughout processing.

Outstanding Benefits

Active Displacement Disc Technology (ADDT) provides the operator with direct access to the buffycoat layer, providing a high yielding concentrate. This single feature provides user flexibility, allowing the clinician to adjust concentrations on the fly. Producing consistent results regardless of volume, ADDT obtains the concentrate at any given point of separation. GenesisCS is engineered for flexibility to function even when there is less than optimal blood samples attained so results are consistant.

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Closed System

Premium Concentrating System

The GenesisCS point of care concentrating systems has outstanding performance results and product stability. Utilizing the minimally invasive approach and the GenesisCS Concentrating Systems, a small sample of blood or bone marrow can be safely attained from the patient to produce concentrated growth factors or stem cells, respectively. These cells possess regenerative capability and differentiate into site-specific tissue, which is essential to the healing process.

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A high concentration system that is efficient and easy to use

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We want you to have the confidence we do in our products, which is why we offer all the resources to articles and studies in autologous treatments. Please click on SUPPORT tab to view. 

Accellerated Biologics knows how important it is that you offer your patients a technology you can trust. Our PRP & BMC systems have gone through an independent review of pre-clinical performance data.  Principle Investigator(s):  Dr. Robert Mandle Ph.D. Childrens Hospital, Harvard Medical School, The CBR Institute for Biomedical Research, and Biosciences Research Associates, Boston, MA.  

Accellerated Biologics has been the practitioner's solution for autologous biologics since 1999.   Through that experience, Pure PRP gives the doctor the most flexibility in providing consistent performance.     

PRP & BMC systems

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