Based on Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), Topical Gear is creating a pre-paradigm shift in the standard care of athletes and patients.

Ortho T:25 Knee

Applying T:25 Technology to the medial quadriceps and hamstrings enhances proprioception and neuromuscular communication with the tendons and ligaments in the knee, training those muscles to respond faster, giving the athlete more time to get out of the vulnerable position, ultimately reducing the risk of injury.

Pro Taco Ankle

Applying T:25 Technology to the ATFL and CFL speed up proprioception through the central nervous system to the peroneals. The T:25 pads that rest on both sides of the Achilles tendon train the peroneal muscles to shorten their latency period, giving the athlete more time to get out of the vulnerable position, reducing the risk of injury.

Vlosity Shoulder

The tensioning system in our Vlosity garment draws the shoulders back as the scapula goes into a posterior tilt. Capturing the upper torso in this position retrains the trapezoids, rhomboids and the mind as to where an athlete or patient should carry themselves. This allows the humeral head to function properly, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Thin and light– only 2 oz.

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Indications: post-op ACL reconstruction, patella femoral and patella tendonitis issues and Osgood-Schlatter disease

  • Use: Wear 1.5 hours/day for 10 days in motion. Then 1.5 hours/every other day for 6 weeks in motion. After initial training of the key muscles are complete, this can be worn as desired.

A Revolution In Sports Medicine.  Our products are Changing the Way Younger Athletes Are Cared For. ​use of knee support and medical devices and medical supply store


Medically Based.  Athlete Driven

T:25 Knee

By applying T:25 pads to the medial quadriceps and medial hamstring (agonist and antagonist), proprioception and neuromuscular communication are enhanced, causing the femur to be externally rotated improving knee alignment.

Agonist and antagonist muscles work together to create bodily movement.

Agonist Muscles– can cause movement to occur through their own contractions. Also called “prime movers”, because they are the muscles considered primarily responsible for generating a specific movement.
Antagonist Muscles– oppose a specific movement. Controls a motion, slows it down and returns the limb to its initial position.

Topical Gear is changing the way athletes and patients are cared for. T:25 technology applies topical compression on specific muscles in order to stimulate neuromuscular communication and enhance proprioception. This naturally enhances performance while reducing risk of injury

​T25 Technology is Athlete Driven, Medically based technology that expands the standard use of knee support to include neuromuscular communication.